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Exclusive Preview for Birth Doulas!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Lifestyle Doula Certification Program, designed to empower you with the tools and knowledge to enhance your practice and support your clients more effectively.

We're premiering our training for birth doulas because you are uniquely positioned to implement these holistic lifestyle strategies immediately. Birth doulas have direct, ongoing contact with mothers during the perinatal and postpartum periods, allowing you to seamlessly integrate new tools and resources into your existing practices. By focusing on birth doulas, we can ensure that the training is highly relevant and impactful, providing immediate benefits to both you as the doula and, the families you support. Additionally, your active engagement will enable us to gather valuable feedback and continuously improve the program.

Save $300 now! (Normally $499)

Our Lifestyle Doula Certification Program is a comprehensive training that focuses on holistic care, integrating lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, and mental wellness to improve maternal and infant health outcomes. You will learn how to help mothers mitigate their behavior, assess their environment and spiritual wellbeing, and prioritize their health to improve their pregnancy outcomes:

  • Implement holistic care plans

  • Provide advanced nutritional guidance

  • Support mental and emotional wellness

  • Utilize natural and herbal remedies safely

By being one of the first birth doulas to enroll in our revamped program, you have the opportunity to save $300 off the enrollment fee (by using the code BIRTH300) plus you'll receive access to all of the resources we have in store, including:


Benefits for Birth Doulas:

  • Doula Directory Listing: Set to roll out winter 2024 - Connecting high-risk mothers to trained Lifestyle Doulas

  • Virtual Fitness Program for Mothers: Plug your clients into our online fitness program, FitMama! designed specifically for prenatal and postpartum health.

  • Meal Plan Templates: Access customizable meal plans to support your clients' nutritional needs.

  • Ready-to-Go Workshops: Conduct informative workshops for your clients with all the materials provided including slideshows, handouts and scripts.

  • Connection with Local Medical Professionals: Tap into our referral network with local doctors and midwives that continues to grow.

  • Client Handouts and Guides: Provide your clients with valuable information on prenatal and postpartum care.

  • Doula Mentorship Accelerator: Be a part of our growing network of trained doulas and attend monthly Q&As, valuable trainings and templates you can customize for your doula business.

Enroll Now!

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your doula practice and make a greater impact on the lives of the families you serve. Click the link below to enroll and use code BIRTH300 at checkout.

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