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Jan 7, 2024 - Mar 9, 2024

Advanced Nutrition for Birthworkers

  • 63Days
  • 2Steps


A program designed for doulas, midwives and other holistic birthworkers to acquire the tools, knowledge, and support needed to incorporate advanced nutrition strategies into their practice, ultimately helping pregnant individuals with chronic diseases improve their health and reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy and childbirth. 3 WEEKS; 100% ONLINE - THIS COURSE COVERS: Module 1: Foundations of Advanced Nutrition for Birthworkers Understanding the role of nutrition in pregnancy and birth outcomes Overview of key nutrients and their impact on chronic diseases Exploring plant-based nutrition as a foundation for improved health Module 2: Nutrition Counseling Techniques for Birthworkers Effective communication skills in counseling pregnant individuals with chronic diseases Strategies for behavior change and supporting sustainable dietary modifications Addressing common challenges and barriers in implementing dietary changes Module 3: Tailoring Nutrition Recommendations for Specific Chronic Diseases Nutrition guidelines for managing hypertension during pregnancy Nutrition strategies for individuals with diabetes in pregnancy Reducing LDL CHOLESTEROL & weight through diet and lifestyle modifications Module 4: Practical Applications and Resources for Birthworkers Meal planning and recipe ideas for clients with chronic diseases Accessing and utilizing evidence-based resources for ongoing support Collaborating with healthcare providers and other professionals


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