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New Mom Nutrition Class

  • 30Days
  • 4Steps
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Learn to teach this essential class for new mothers. Includes: Slides, handouts (3) & outline/script to host your own class for mom-clients. During the "New Mom Nutrition" class, we cover essential topics: 1. Nourishing Foods for Healing: Discover the power of nutrient-dense foods that promote postpartum recovery and support your body's healing process. Learn about key nutrients and meal ideas that can aid in replenishing your energy levels and supporting overall wellness. 2. Breastfeeding Nutrition: Explore the connection between your diet and breastfeeding. Gain insights into foods that can enhance milk production, optimize nutrient content, and address common challenges that may arise during breastfeeding. 3. Achieving and Maintaining a Healthy Weight: Understand the importance of a balanced approach to weight management during the postpartum period. Learn practical strategies for nourishing your body while gradually returning to a healthy weight range, always prioritizing your well-being and self-compassion.


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